Real Estate Tips From a New Homeowner

Tips For Selling An Out Of State Home

A move out of state doesn't always mean that you will have time to sell your house first. When this is the case, you may be a little concerned about how to handle the process remotely. The following tips can help you sell your out of state home without having to commute between two locations to get it done:

Tip #1: Make sure it's staged

If you've already moved, then you may have a bare home sitting on the market. Unfortunately, empty homes often don't usually show well, which can affect the length of time on the market as well as the price the home fetches. On the flip side, using your old home as storage while looking for a new place can also hurt the sale since buyers can be turned off by a cluttered home. A happy medium is to have the home staged. If your items are still in the home, go ahead and declutter down to the bare minimum and put everything else in storage. For empty homes, a staging service will bring in rental furniture to make the house look lived in and inviting.

Tip #2: Choose a full-service real estate agent

You need someone on the ground that can do everything for you since you won't be able to come into town for every little thing. A full-service agent is one part salesman and another part property manager. Their fee will include extra services, such as scheduling landscaping and home cleanings. They will manage all showings as well as any open houses, all without you having to make a phone call or come into town to do basic property maintenance. On top of the management tasks, the agent will also handle all photographing and listing of the property in an effort to sell the home quickly.

Tip #3: Choose tech savvy selling services

One issue that out of state homeowners had to deal with in the past was finalizing the paperwork when an offer did come in on a house. This often entailed traveling back to meet with the buyers and go through closing. Fortunately, you can avoid that with a tech-savvy agent. It generally works out that both you and the buyer will go to a title company, selected by the real estate agent, in your respective towns. You can sign all the paperwork and have it witnessed on the spot, with digital copies then sent to the other parties to complete the deal. If for some reason a physical copy is needed, paperwork can be overnighted to finish closing the sale.

For more help with home selling, contact an agency in your area.

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