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3 Things To Look For When Renting A Duplex Apartment For The First Time

If you intend on continuing to rent an apartment, but are tired of having so many neighbors you share walls with, a duplex can be a great alternative. Having only a single neighbor on one side of your unit can often mean a lot less noise and give you a bit more privacy compared to a traditional apartment.

If you've never rented a duplex apartment before, there are a number of things that you should look for so that the place you rent ends up meeting all of your needs:

Dedicated Parking Spaces

Most duplexes have a driveway in front, making it important for you to get familiar with how the parking situation works. Unlike street parking where you have to struggle to find a parking spot every day, having a dedicated parking spot can be a great alternative, but it can lead to frustration if the parking spaces aren't marked.

Asking about whether each side is clearly reserved can prevent any disputes with your future neighbor.

Laundry Situation for the Tenants

While some duplex apartments have laundry machines inside of the units, others may provide a shared laundry space that each tenant has equal access to. If this is the case, the cost of the laundry machines may mean needing to use quarters, or it is a free service from the landlord.

Asking about the laundry situation can help you understand how you'll be doing laundry and what you can expect in terms of costs for doing your laundry. Having a shared laundry area in a garage or other space can be a welcome change if you're used to sharing a laundry room with a lot of tenants in a typical apartment building.

Sound-Proof Walls to Prevent Noise

When visiting different duplexes available for rent, you need to pay close attention to any sound that you may hear. Having thick walls that are sound-proof properly can help a lot in making you feel confident about the place that you rent since you won't hear your neighbor as much.

Renting a duplex apartment can be a great change from living in an apartment building with dozens of other people. Before filling out any rental applications, you need to consider the differences with a duplex compared to a traditional apartment. With the above tips in mind, you'll be able to get a great apartment for rent that is a fantastic fit for what you're looking for. 

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