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Four Common Emergency Property Maintenance You Might Call For

If you are living in a rented property, then you have a right to call for emergency property maintenance services when it's needed. However, you may be wondering when it's consider an emergency and when it's considered something that can be taken care of during normal business hours. Here are four common emergency property maintenance situations that are considered an emergency:

  1. Weather Related: There are situations in which the weather can cause a maintenance emergency. This even includes situations in which you do not have a comfortable temperature in the home. For example, if your heater goes out, it's considered an emergency that must be taken care of right away in order to make your living space habitable. Another reason you might call for a weather related emergency is because there is a leak coming into the home while it's raining outside. This also needs to be taken care of right away in order to prevent severe water damage in the home and even flooding. 
  2. Plumbing Related: There are definitely some plumbing situations that can wait until the next day. For example, if there are two working bathrooms in the house and only one has a clog that isn't overflowing, then it can wait. However, if there is only one bathroom, then it would be considered an emergency and it's definitely an emergency if there is a situation in which water is overflowing. 
  3. Gas Related: Another reason there is an emergency situation called for is because of a gas smell. You definitely don't want to wait to call for this because a gas smell could be an indication that there is a gas leak that can be harmful to your health and even fire causing. 
  4. Flooding Related: Finally, there are situations in which flooding can happen because you are living below somebody else. In some situations, a person upstairs could shower or run the dishwasher, which can cause flooding to your own unit. Most likely, it involves a sewer line that needs to be fixed right away. 

These are the most common situations emergency property maintenance is called for renters. Be sure that you know when this needs to be done so you aren't left to live in these poor living conditions simply because you aren't sure whether you should wait until the morning to have it handled. Always be sure that you are calling the property maintenance number if it's provided or your property manager who will know what professionals to call on for you. Contact a company, like Choice  Maintenance Group LLC, for more help.

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