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Should You Buy A Home With A Sunroom?

If you like the outdoors without having to, you know, actually go outside, then purchasing a home with a sunroom is a good investment. These rooms are walled with glass, so you can enjoy nature while avoiding annoyances such as pests and wind. Before you spend the extra money on a home with this premium feature, however, here are few tips to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Northerners Should Get All-Season Sunrooms

Sunrooms come in several different styles that dictate when you're able to use it during the year. The basic sunroom (also called a solarium) is the least expensive because it's typically fitted with single-pane glass that doesn't do much to keep the heat or cold out. Thus, you'll only be able to comfortably use the room during times when it isn't too hot or too cold out.

A better type of sunroom is the three-season model that are built with more robust materials (e.g. double-pane windows) and include some features to help keep the temperature inside at a bearable level (e.g. overhead fan). However, these rooms typically don't have insulation, so they're not great for use when it's really cold out.

The best sunroom you can get for your money is a four-season model that's designed to be used all year round. Because of this, the room will essentially function as an extension of your home, and you can use the space for far more than just a sitting area. For instance, you could turn it into an office or even another bedroom if you cover the windows.

Get a Sunroom that Can Be Closed Off

Another thing you want to look for is a sunroom that can be closed off when it's not in use, particularly if your get a standard or three-season solarium. This is because the room will siphon off air conditioned and heated air from the main part of the home, which can cause your energy bills to go up. Ensuring there is a door you can close will help you control the airflow between the sunroom and the other part of your home.

However, don't be put off if the home you want doesn't have this feature. Evaluate the space to see if doors can be added. Additionally, it is possible to jerry-rig a temporary solution that can help manage this problem, such as putting up a wall divider you can purchase at a home improvement store or make yourself.

For more tips on buying a home with a sunroom or to find a house that's fits your needs and preferences, contact a real estate agent.

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