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Small Design Details That You'Ll Enjoy In A Luxury Home

When you think of a luxury home, you might commonly imagine plenty of square footage and features such as a home theater, professional-style kitchen, and a perfectly landscaped yard. While these elements are certainly common in many luxury homes, another advantage of shopping for this type of dwelling is that it will often contain small design details that you'll find appealing. The presence of such details might not make or break your decision to buy, but you'll enjoy seeing them when you visit the home as a prospective buyer and, of course, once you own it. Here are some small design details to look for.

Rounded Wall Corners

When two walls meet in many luxury homes, they're joined not by a 90-degree angle, but rather by a smooth, rounded piece of drywall. Of course, there's nothing wrong with 90-degree angles where your walls meet, but you'll often find that you're immediately attracted to the idea of rounded corners. They look smoother, which can make the home appear softer and more welcoming. And, as an added bonus, if you accidentally bump your shoulder into the end of a wall while walking past it, you won't get the jab that you'd get in a home with 90-degree angles.


In a conventional house, an opening between two rooms is square or rectangular. This means that the small piece of wall between the opening and the ceiling is perfectly horizontal. Again, there's nothing wrong with this design, but you'll often find a fancier situation in luxury homes. Above such openings, many luxury homes have an arch. This means that instead of the drywall being horizontal, it's curved so that it's higher in the center. This is another simple design feature that can be enticing. In addition to being visually appealing, this look can also make rooms feel larger and allow more light to flow through.

Folding Glass Walls

Folding glass walls are also common in luxury homes. This term describes a window-style wall made up of a series of individual glass panels. While this wall commonly divides the home with an outdoor area, it's on tracks so that you can fold and slide it out of the way. Doing so allows easy access to a patio, which is desirable for when you're hosting a large gathering and find that some people want to be indoors while others want to be outdoors on the patio.

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