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3 Tips For Preparing For Your Tours Of Open Home Building Models

If you have decided to have a new home built, part of the process may be touring models of those available through the home building service. If so, use the following tips to help prepare yourself for the tours so that you can gather as much information about each building model.

Plan on Looking at Only a Couple at a Time

Depending on the building service, the agent assisting you with the tours may have a dozen or so models to show you. While you may be excited about seeing all of them, you do not want to overwhelm yourself by viewing too many at one time. After you see three or four, they might start jumbling together in your memory, making it difficult to differentiate what you liked and disliked about each one.

Instead of trying to look at all of them within a day or two, ask to see only a couple at a time, with three being the most. Not only will you be able to look at the models with fresh eyes, but you can also schedule and prepare yourself ahead of time for the ones you will be seeing the next day.

Do Your Homework Beforehand

Once you know which models you will be viewing, do your homework the day before. Gather together the floor plans, specification sheets, and any other information the agent can provide.

Reviewing all of the information about each model helps you know what to expect when you walk in the door. It also helps you prepare a list of questions about any alterations that are available, such as options for a different kitchen arrangement or an addition of another bathroom. 

Take a Notebook with You

While you are doing your homework, prepare a notebook that you can take with you to the tours. At the top of one sheet, write the model number and any other identifying information. Then, start listing the questions you have about that particular model. Leave a couple of blank pages in between each header page.

During your tour, you can refer to your list of questions and jot down the answers you receive. On the blank pages, write down how you feel about the home. Take note of what you really love or despise about the model. After viewing all of the available homes, you can then refer to these notes to refresh your memory.

Being prepared before you start touring model homes can help you make an informed decision about which house you would like to have built. For more information about the selection and buying process, speak with a representative from the home building service through which you plan to view various open home building models.

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