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Trying To Sell An Old Inherited Home? Check It For Balloon Framing

Inheriting a home can be a majorly beneficial event because it can provide you with a bit of property to sell. However, older homes are often plagued with poor architecture and design decisions. If you are trying to put an older home on the market, it is essential to know about the dangers of balloon framing.

Balloon Framing Was Common In A Certain Time

Homes that were built from about 1890 to the late 1920s often used balloon framing as a cheaper alternative to traditional building techniques. It basically used a variety of very long boards, rather than smaller and stronger joints, to build a home.

It was a rather unfortunate building style because it left homes open to a broad variety of problems. If the inherited home you are trying to sell is from this era, it is important to know all about this danger.

These Houses Can Be Fire Hazards

Balloon framing is a serious fire risk because it creates unobstructed and air-filled areas that feed the spread of a fire. As a result, many homes with this kind of design are simply gone. However, there is still a chance that some of these houses might be around on the market.

This risk increases if you inherit an old home that has survived a broad variety of dangers. Trying to sell a home with balloon framing is not wise because it can be dangerous and cost you serious money in the real estate transaction.

Detecting This Problem

After inheriting a home that you think may be from the 1920s, it is a good idea to check to see if it has balloon framing before trying to sell it. Typically, you start in the attic and look around the edges of where it connects to the story beneath it. In this type of home, you should see a fairly large crack along the edges. This usually is wide enough to drop a penny through.

A home that has balloon framing is going to be worth less money than one that doesn't have it. That's because it may require specialized repair methods that cost a little bit of extra money. Failing to perform those repairs will drop the cost of the house because the potential homeowner will want to avoid a home with this type of frame.

As a result, it is essential to talk to a real estate specialist before putting any home up for sale on the market. They can help you identify any type of old-fashioned framing that will ruin your home's value. In this way, you can sell your inherited home and make the most possible cash.

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