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Why Should You Look For A Military Real Estate Agent?

Military real estate agents specialize in the needs of military members and veterans. There are a few reasons why this distinction is important. 

They Are Knowledgeable About Military Financing Options

Real estate agents that work with military members already know a lot about VA loans and other financing opportunities that are specific to the military. They will help you calculate how much house you should buy under these loan programs, guide you towards housing that qualifies for special loans and grants, and give you tips for managing military and non-military loan offers. 

They Understand the Unique Commitment the Military Requires

If you are trying to buy a house while you are still in the military, your home buying process might look a little different than many other families. Your search might be sporadic, interrupted by deployments or other commitments away from home. You might find yourself away from your property more than most buyers would expect to be, which means that you are looking for something reasonably priced and low maintenance that will be a good long-term investment. These and other specific needs can come up for military members, so it is a good idea to find a real estate agent who is already on the same page.

Similarly, these agents know that you may be in a hurry to buy, due to your other commitments. They can handle quick turnaround times for closing a real estate deal. 

They Understand Disabilities

Military real estate agents are also trained to work with veterans who have disabilities that would affect their choice of home. These real estate agents know what to look for in ADA-accessible housing, and they can help you plan out renovations that would make your new home more livable. You may not necessarily choose a house that is built for a handicapped resident from the start, but a real estate agent can be aware of the potential a home has to be remodeled to become a good fit for you (and within your set budget). 

When you choose the right real estate agent, they are already attuned to your needs, and you don't feel like you are constantly having to explain your situation. Military real estate agents are something to look into if you are planning to use military discounts, if you need accessible housing, or if your commitment to the military makes your housing needs a bit unique.  

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