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3 Tips For Staging The Front Porch Before Showing Your House For Sale

After deciding to put your home up for sale, you may decide to start arranging the house in a way that makes it warm and welcoming to potential buyers, starting with the front porch. If so, use the following tips to stage this important first area a potential buyer will see before entering the house.

Work with or Around the View

When trying to decide how to stage your front porch, first turn your attention to the view it offers. Depending on what you see while sitting in the area, you should either work with or around the view.

If the view on one side of your porch presents a peaceful tree-filled hill or grassy meadow, pick this as the focal point of the area. The serene scene will add value to the porch, allowing the person to relax in front of a picturesque view.

However, if your house is located in a neighborhood where the view is the neighbor's house, work around it. Place colorful blinds up that offer privacy while letting light stream in and illuminate the space. 

Group Your Seating

Once you have decided how you are going to handle the view, the next thing you should focus on is the seating. If you have chairs or couches on your front porch, do not simply line them up along the perimeter.

Instead, create a welcoming social scene by grouping the seats together so they facing each other around a small table. Or, place them at an angle in front of the view, if you have a side you wish to leave open as determined in the previous section. Gatherers can still speak with each other while enjoying the landscape.

Add Small Welcoming Touches

After grouping your seating options together, start adding small, welcoming touches that will make potential buyers feel more at home on the porch. Start by adding colorful, coordinating pillows and cushions on the chairs and couches.

Then, hang or place a few vibrant plants to add life and color to the porch. You can then top off the scene by placing a drinking set with a pitcher on one of the tables.

After making your front porch inviting to potential buyers, you can then turn your attention towards staging the interior of your home. If you feel you need help, speak with your real estate agent about having a home stage service come to your house and offer suggestions on turning it into a showplace. Contact a service, like Perfectly Placed Home Staging, for more help.

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