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Why The U.S. Is Still A Land Of Opportunity Where Real Estate Is Concerned

Here are some startling facts to absorb. The United States consists of about 320 million people, give or take the thousands that are born and die each day. The total land mass of the U.S. is a little over two billion acres. That means if land were equally divided among the living residents of this country right now, every man, woman and child would get about seven acres of land each

In other words, there is a ton of undeveloped land in this country on which no citizen resides. That means that, in real estate terms, there is a lot of opportunity to develop this land. The following details where you can get your own plot of land or claim a stake in your own acreage, and why the U.S. is still a land of opportunity where real estate is concerned.

The Western Half of the State of Texas

The eastern half of Texas is occupied by big cities and major corporations. People gravitate towards these areas for employment. They tend to avoid the western half because it means they would have to build something up and make it their own.

It also means converting some desert areas to green areas. If you do not mind a little work, you can grab several acres all your own in the western part of the state. Raise beef cattle, Arabian horses, camels, or anything else that could survive the desert regions and heat. Better yet, find some oil wells in this part of the state on property you own, and your acreage is a gold mine.

Mountain Regions of California

Most people avoid buying mountain land. They are concerned that there would be nothing they could do with the land, but they would be wrong for thinking that. There are select varietals of wine grapes that LOVE mountain regions. You could also raise goats or sheep for meat and wool. Alpacas and llamas are no strangers to mountain regions too, and people raise them for their wool.

If you own a mountain, you also own the snow on it, which means you could create a nice little skiing lodge. There are plenty of money-making opportunities if you know how to view the available land. It is important to note that there is a A LOT of mountain land available, if you know how to cultivate it and use it to make money.

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