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Buying A Home? 2 "Cosmetic" Issues You Should Not Ignore

When you first decide it is time to buy a home, you may feel overwhelmed by the different properties on the market. Sifting through each house within your budget and desired location can be challenging. Viewing these properties is your best option for determining if a house is right for you. Of course, a home may still be a good buy even with a few cosmetic issues, such as unappealing paint or discolored grout. In some instances, cosmetic issues should not be ignored. Here are two cosmetic issues that may be a sign of a more serious underlying issue.

Curled, Loose, or Missing Shingles

The roof is one of the most important features of the home and it is also one of the most expensive to replace. On average, homeowners may need to spend $6,600 on a new roof and costs may increase if repairs need to be made because of leaks and water damage.

Because the project is so overwhelming and expensive, you will want to pay special attention to any cosmetic issues affecting the roof.

The sight of a curling or broken shingle may not seem like a bit problem, but this one imperfection can lead to extensive water damage and expensive repairs. If one or more shingles appear curled, warped, or are missing, have the roof inspected by a licensed contractor before making an offer on the house.

Drywall Cracks and Nail Pops

Over time, homes settle. This natural process occurs over time as the home breathes and is lived in. In most cases, settling does not cause any serious issues. You may notice doors and windows are not lining up as well as they once did. Settling of the driveway is also common, so you may notice slight cracks and imperfections in the concrete surfaces around your home.

The walls of a home settle, as well. Drywall will expand and contract, settling into the foundation slightly over time. Light cracks in the paint on your walls is common as a home settle, too. If you notice the cracks are not only affecting the paint, but also the drywall and you are noticing numerous nail pops in the walls around your home, there may be more serious foundation issues that should be addressed.

Foundation issues may stem from improper construction. If the builder or landscaper removed too much soil during the excavation and grading of the lot, there may not be enough soil to support the house. This requires backfilling of the soil and repairs to the foundation.

Damaged shingles and cracks or nail pops in the wall are not always signs of a problem. To protect yourself from potential problems, be sure to hire a home inspector before considering the property further. You can even go one step further and just look at new homes to avoid these kinds of issues.

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