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How To Avoid Common Office Development Permit Mistakes

Obtaining a permit for an office development can seem like a daunting task. However, there is no reason why you should make the task even more difficult by making one of these permit mistakes. 

Make Sure to Obtain the Necessary Permits

Permits exist to ensure that all buildings being constructed, including office buildings, are safe for building occupants. For very complex and costly office construction projects, you may face more delays and costs if you fail to obtain the necessary permits under the right schedule. Also, even if you have filed the necessary paperwork, you must make sure that the final permit was issued.

Not only must you obtain a permit, but you must also make sure that permits are closed if you fail to fulfill the permit. For example, you may have intended to construct a new restroom, but changed your mind. After receiving a permit, you must make sure to close it if you will not be following through with the construction. 

Finish the Construction in Time

Make sure to have the work performed within two years of the permit being issued. You must have the work inspected and approved. If the work isn't approved, make the necessary changes to your office and then request another inspection.

Provide Accurate Information

When seeking to have a permit issued, make sure that the information you provide is accurate. If the city determines that there is reason to believe that they were misled by the permit application, they may invalidate the permit. The city might also issue a stop work order until they can complete their investigation. It can be expensive to have the project put on hold, so make sure all the information is correct. In some cases, false information can lead to jail time and large fines. You're especially likely to face jail time if you make a false statement in front of a public official.

To avoid making any mistakes, make sure that you know every step of the commercial permit process. Find out exactly where permits are issued, how the permit is generated, what fees are required, what reviews are required, how the reviews will be performed, and how long it will typically take for each step of the process to be completed. By knowing everything you should expect, you will have a sense of how long it will take for the permit process to be completed.

For more information, contact your local office development services.

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