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Tips For Exchanging Your Timeshare

When you purchase a timeshare, it typically means that you are buying an allotted amount of time to use a unit at your home resort. However, most major timeshare companies offer timeshare exchanges, which allows you to trade in your time at your home resort so you can use a timeshare at an affiliated resort in a different location. Timeshare exchanges are great for timeshare owners who want to experience a new destination for vacation. However, it is important to know what you are doing if you want your timeshare exchange to go smoothly. If you're interested in exchanging your timeshare time, use the following tips:

Start the Process Early

For best results, you should start the timeshare exchange process as early as possible. Each timeshare company has its own rules and regulations about how far in advance trades can happen, so make sure you understand those rules. First, you will need to deposit your time at your home timeshare resort. Then, you will be able to begin the booking process at an affiliated resort within your timeshare network. The earlier you do all of this, the more likely it is that you will be able to exchange for a timeshare at your preferred destination.

Be Flexible

Many people own timeshares that allot them a specific week of use each year. Thus, many timeshare owners get used to going on vacation the same time year after year. But, when you exchange your timeshare for a stay at a different resort, there is no guarantee that you will be granted the same week that you own at your home resort. If you want to increase your chances of being able to trade for a timeshare at a desirable resort, try to be as flexible as possible and be willing to travel outside your regular weeks.

Look for New Timeshare Resorts

After you select the destination that you would like to travel to, try to look for affiliated timeshare resorts within your timeshare network that are newly built. In addition to these new resorts being in better condition than older properties, it is often easier to exchange your timeshare for a unit at a new resort than an established timeshare resort. This is because new timeshare resorts are typically not completely sold, which means that they have more units available. Selecting a new timeshare resort that is not completely sold will make it easier to travel at your preferred times. 

If you have questions, contact a company that handles timeshares such as Disney timeshares with various resorts for more information.

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