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How To Effectively Use Natural Light To Help Sell Your Home

Nothing makes your home look larger and show better than plenty of natural light shining in through all of its windows. To illustrate this fact, all you need to do is close all of the blinds in your home and see how much smaller and different it suddenly feels. This is the reason that real estate agents open up all of the blinds and curtains before showing a home.

Since you want buyers to see your home at its absolute best, it's important you actively control the light in every single room. For rooms with large windows and garden views, this is easy, while rooms with bad views or undersized windows it can be more of a challenge.

To effectively stage your home with as much natural light as possible, do all of these things:

Wash All of the Windows

Before listing your home for sale, first, you need to wash all of its windows. While this task isn't anyone's favorite way to spend time, it is mandatory if you want top dollar for your house. The easiest way to clean windows is to use a solution of white vinegar and water. Use a squeegee so you can scrape off any hard water scale or bugs, and you won't end up with any streaks or lint.

Repair Any Broken Windows

If any of your home's windows have broken frames or glass, then they should be replaced. Since most buyers don't know how to replace windows, this is one maintenance issue that can immediately turn off buyers. As soon as a buyer discovers a damaged window they start seeing dollar signs for future repairs and wondering if there are other delayed maintenance problems they haven't yet discovered.

Clean or Replace Window Coverings

When buyers tour your home, you need to open up all of the window coverings to let in maximum natural light. However, this doesn't get you out of cleaning the mini-blinds or replacing the curtains your kitten damaged. As you go from room to room washing each of the windows, take a careful look at their window coverings and either clean them in place or remove them for laundering.

Install Privacy Film on Windows with Bad Views

Every home has windows that look onto areas of your property no one really wants to see. For example, the guest bedroom with the view of the fence or area you keep your trash cans. However, since you need to open up all of the window coverings when your real estate agent is showing your home, you need to do something to obscure the view. The answer is to install some privacy film on these windows. Choose a simple frosted look that will let in maximum natural light and obscure the bad view.

Talk with a real estate agent about what else to do to improve the look of your home to get it to sell. 

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