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Why Go With Armed Security Guards?

There is a time and a place for unarmed security guards, and there is a time and a place for armed security guards. Sometimes, you may not realize which type of security guard is the type you need. The content offered below will give you some examples of when you would do best hiring the services of an armed security guard instead of an unarmed security guard.

Valuables of great worth are being protected

If something is being protected that is worth a great deal of money, then you should choose to have armed security guards protect those items. When something is worth a lot of money, thieves will be more willing to go to great lengths to steal those items. In fact, thieves are much more likely to be willing to kill for items that are worth a lot. Criminals of this caliber and with this temptation in their sights won't hesitate to overpower an unarmed security guard.

Important people are being guarded

When a person is in need of security, an unarmed security guard is going to be able to do very little to protect the person from someone who wants to do them harm. Armed guards will do much more in the way of keeping the person needing protection safe. Not only will armed guards be great deterrents for anyone who is thinking about harming that individual, but the guards will also have the equipment that they need to follow through with full protection if a dangerous situation should arise.

A location has a troubling history

If a location that is being guarded is known for having troubles with criminal activities, then it is best to hire security that is going to be able to fully handle any situations that arise as soon as those problems happen. An unarmed guard will also be at risk in a bad area, while an armed security guard can actually help get the number of crimes in that location to go down.

A lot of people will be gathered

If an event is in need of guards and the event is going to have a large number of people in attendance, then armed security guards are the way to go. If something happens, then the police may have a more difficult time getting to the location and making their way through crowds to find the area where they are needed. When armed guards are already present, they can act more quickly.

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