Real Estate Tips From a New Homeowner

Best Tips For Selling Your Vacant Home

Did you recently buy a new house and move into it, leaving your existing home vacant and listed for sale? If so, trying to sell your vacant home is probably going to be a little harder than you expected, but there are some things you can do that will help you find a buyer for it, and here are some ideas to consider.

Put some furniture in the house

For some reason, people who view vacant homes often feel challenged by this event. They can like what they see in a vacant home, but they may experience trouble trying to determine the size of the home and how furniture will fit and look in the house because they have nothing to compare it to. If you can put just a few items in each room, it will make it easier for buyers to imagine living in your house. They will be able to get a better idea about the room sizes if there is furniture in the rooms, and this will make it easier to sell the house.

Keep the air flowing in the house

Another problem with vacant homes results from stagnant air. When there is no airflow in a home, the house might start developing a bad smell in it, and this is natural. Stagnant air tends to smell bad, but you can avoid this problem by keeping the air flowing through your house. To do this, keep the HVAC system running every day, whether it is the summer or the winter. If you do not need AC or heat, you could set the thermostat to the fan setting, and this would keep the fan running all the time. The circulation of air through the house will help it smell better and fresher.

Visit the home weekly to touch things up

It is also important to check in on the house at least once a week. If you moved away and cannot do this, hire someone to do this for you. During these checkups, you should make sure everything is working properly and that there are no problems in the house. You may also want to flush all the toilets and run the water in all the faucets each time you visit. You could also wipe down counters and vanities to remove any dust that is present.

If you follow these tips, you could have an easier time finding someone who wants to buy your vacant house, and you can talk to a realtor for more information if needed.

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