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Not Disabled? 3 Signs Disabled Access Apartments Are Still Right For You

All too often, people hear a label like "disabled access apartments," and assume the space isn't right for them. If you don't have a personal disability, you may assume that renting an apartment designed around people with mobility or other health problems isn't necessary. However, you may be wrong. Here are three signs disabled access apartments are still right for you, and why the investment could be handy down the road. 

1. Your Health Is Unpredictable

While you may be in excellent shape and good health now, having a history of medical problems should make you nervous about investing in a traditional apartment — especially if your previous health issues could impact your mobility. For instance, if you struggle with multiple sclerosis, you should think twice about investing in a normal apartment since you could struggle with attacks that make it hard to walk and use the stairs. 

Anytime your long term health is in question, it pays to focus on what could happen down the road. Try to get into an apartment that accommodates your needs now, and could make things easier later on. 

2. You Have Friends or Family Who Have Disabilities

If you have a friend or loved one with disabilities, and you know you will want them to stop by and visit your apartment, make sure they can comfortably get into your place by renting the right apartment. Look for a building that has accommodations like ramps, elevators, and wider hallways, especially if you have someone in your family who is confined to a wheelchair. Remember that investing in an open space is important since it could help them to feel confident to stop by, say hello, and enjoy time in your apartment with you — without a lot of assistance. 

3. You Are Dating Someone With A Disability

Anytime you are seeing someone with a disability, it pays to think twice about where you live. If things are going well, try to select an apartment that would make it easy to have that person over since you may find yourself wanting to spend a great deal of time together. If you end up getting married, already being in an apartment with disability access will help you to avoid an unnecessary move. 

Anytime you are looking for a disability access apartment, turn to a real estate agent near you who can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Be open about what you are looking for, and talk with them about any foreseeable mobility issue. By doing your best to plan for the unexpected, you can prevent problems. 

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